Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.1
Long Arm Of The Hutt

After recovering from the previous battle in spaceport control, our heroes made their way towards LANDING BAY AUREK.

A chance encounter with a group of Imperial Stormtroopers, who appeared to be looking for our heroes, ended in a chase through Shantytown, and ended after GENKO used the power of the mob to allow the party to get away.

Upon reaching the KRAYT FANG, GENKO and VARLOV attempted to deceive TREX, but their ruse was discovered, and a battle ensued that stretched our heroes to their limits and resulted in numerous injuries. A last ditch effort, to get the party into the ship so they could escape, succeeded, leaving TREX and a group of Imperial Stormtroopers behind, while the KRYAT FANG speeds away from MOS SHUUTA and TATOOINE…

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 1.2
Escape Mos Shuuta

While fleeing MOS SHUUTA, and TEEMO THE HUTT, the party’s quick thinking and cool demeanor allowed them to get the jump on TEEMO’S thugs, before being informed by the bartender that a means of escaping was available in the form of the KRAYT FANG, a freighter docked at LANDING BAY AUREK.

After securing the HYPERMATTER REACTOR IGNITOR from a local junkshop, by posing as representatives of TREX and convincing the proprietor to put the charge on his tab, our heroes made their way to the spaceport, to unlock the docking clamps holding the KRAYT FANG in place.

Their attempts to deceive the droid guards failed, and a battle ensued that left the droids destroyed, the group slightly injured, and the overseer of the spaceport surrendering, agreeing to help the party escape, leaving the party to rest for a few moments before they continued on in their attempt to escape MOS SHUUTA and TEEMO THE HUTT…

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 1.1
Escape Mos Shuuta

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and smugglers, explorers and expatriates, ad fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

On the desert world of TATOOINE, a few such renegades have run afoul of a local crime boss, TEEMO THE HUTT. Trapped in the tiny spaceport of Mos Shuuta, the renegades have no choice but to steal a starship and flee Teemo’s forces. Fortunately, a suitable starship has recently docked at the landing bay; a freighter called the KRAYT FANG, captained by a Trandoshan slaver named Trex. As they flee through the suns baked streets, the renegades duck into the local cantina to hide from their pursuers…


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