Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.2

Long Arm Of The Hutt

After the escape from MOS SHUUTA, our heroes barely had a chance to recover from the previous battle before they were attacked by Imperial Tie Fighters. A brief dogfight followed, during which the KRYAT FANG took a direct hit, before GENKO was able to get the HYPERMATTER REACTOR IGNITOR fully charged, allowing the group to escape TATOOINE via light speed.

Finally clear of MOS SHUUTA, and the immediate reach of TEEMO, the group explored their new ship. Finding a Twi’lik prisoner aboard the ship, by the name of B’URA B’AN, the group learned of a potential plot by a band of outsiders to take over the NEW MEEN Ryll mine.

Low on fuel, and needing a place to repair their ship, the party agrees to take B’URA B’AN back to RYLOTH, where they have been promised free supplies as well as potential business opportunities for helping B’URA B’AN and his associates. Arriving at the town of NABAT, the party is taken to meet with the leaders of the NEW MEEN mine…



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