Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.3

Long Arm Of The Hutt

The group, agreeing to visit the NEW MEEN mine, along with B’URA B’AN, take a speeder from the town of NABAT. Ambushed along the way, by TREX and a group of bounty hunters, a battle ensues that leaves TREX dead, and at least one of the bounty hunters as a meal for a large insectoid creature that interrupted the battle.

Continuing on, the group arrives at NEW MEEN, and are hailed as heroes for delivering B’URA B’AN safely back to his people. After hearing the story of ANGU DROMBB, and how he is harassing and threatening the people of NEW MEEN, the party agrees to do what they can to drive him off.

The party gathers, along with some volunteer support from NEW MEEN, on the outskirts of town, planning their assault on the DROMBB settlement a short distance away…



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