Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.4

Long Arm Of The Hutt

The assault on the DROMBB settlement ended with the unlucky death of ANGU DROMBB, during his frenzied last ditch charge, and his hired thugs, along with all the volunteers from NEW MEEN. A search of the DROMBB settlement uncovered a cache of credits, and some talented slicing of ANGU’S computer uncovered some messages between him and another unknown individual.

After a brief celebration in NEW MEEN, the group returned to NABAT to meet with NYN. After scaring away a Kubaz that appeared to be spying on them, they met with NYN and the Bothan OTA. OTA shares some chilling news, that TEEMO has put a bounty of 50k credits on their heads, a sum sure to draw very dangerous attention.

As eliminating TEEMO is now to the mutual benefit of both OTA and the group, they enter into an agreement to attend a party hosted by the Geonosian, DUKE PIDDOCK, where they hope to gain information that will allow them to strike at TEEMO directly, at the heart of his palace in MOS SHUUTA…



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