Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.5

Long Arm Of The Hutt

Posing as both weapon’s buyers, and rycrit stew traders, the group attended DUKE PIDDOCK’S soiree with an eye towards finding out information that would allow them to turn DUKE DIMMOCK against TEEMO. The mission at the party was a success, with the group gaining access to a number of pieces of critical information about TEEMO and his previous relationship with DUKE PIDDOCK, with one particular piece of information, that TEEMO was potentially working against JABBA THE HUTT, being potentially the most valuable.

Taking this information to DUKE DIMMOCK, they managed to convince him to assist their plot, agreeing to help get them get aboard the LUCKY GUESS so that they could sneak into MOS SHUUTA and deal with the TEMMO problem, in one way or another, once and for all…



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