Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 2.6

Long Arm Of The Hutt

With the assistance of DUKE DIMMOCK, the group was to catch a ride on the LUCKY GUESS with the VIO TWINS, but first, they had to cover the duke’s support by dealing with some Geonosian guards.

What started out as a non-lethal encounter turned sour when VRIXX’TT, the Gand who had attended DUKE PIDDOCK’s party posing as a pro-insect reformer, attempted to collect the outstanding bounty on the party’s heads.

Luckily, both he and the Geonosian’s proved to be no match for the party, and they were soon aboard the LUCKY GUESS, piloted by the VIO TWINS, making their way to MOS SHUUTA and what they hoped would be a final encounter with the double-crossing TEEMO…



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