Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 3.0

The dust has settled, and TEEMO THE HUTT has been slain, his final acts of defiance silenced by the explosion of a grenade. After rescuing ANATTA, and rendezvousing with the VIO TWINS, the party returned to GEONOSIS to retrieve the KRAYT FANG before ANATTA departed in order to share the evidence against TEEMO with JABBA THE HUTT.

Free from the weight of TEEMO chasing them, and the bounty that was on their heads, the group was free to return to NABAT on RYLOTH to regroup. NYN was very pleased with the weapons that were purchased from DUKE PIDDOCK, and OTA and B’URA B’AN were thrilled with the end of TEEMO’S meddling in the plans of the NEW MEEN mines.

After a few weeks of relaxation and personal matters, the group is itching to get started on their next job…



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