Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 3.1

As The Wheel Turns

In search of some new credit making opportunities, the group decided to head OTA’S advice and make for the space station THE WHEEL. They also agreed to make a delivery for OTA, dropping a crate with unknown contents off on the planet of FORMOS.

The start of the trip to FORMOS was not without hazard, as a damaged ship forced the KRYAT FANG out of hyperspace, while requesting for aid. Despite suspicions that it could be a trap, the party decided to investigate, and soon had their fears confirmed when they were in a fight for their lives against what appeared to be pirates.

After barely managing to get everyone back aboard the ship before the pirates overcame them, a combination of JOHN’s expert piloting and VARLOV’s speedy astrogation allowed the group to break away from the pirate ship and continue their journey to FORMOS…



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