Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 3.2

As The Wheel Turns

Arriving in FORMOS, the party made their way through the streets of the ramshackle spaceport, engaging with some of the locals as they headed towards the local cantina. After a run-in with a Tritonite missionary and a local water seller, the group happened upon the sorry tale of J9-B8.

Having been set upon by a group of thugs, and with his friend R4-W9 subsequently being droid-napped, J9-B8 was damaged beyond repair, but managed to share his story with the group before he fully deactivated, setting them on the trail of BANDIN DOBAH, a local Aqualish smuggler kingpin.

Following completion of the delivery for OTA, and discovering that BANDIN had both an Imperial and Hutt bounty on his head, and after meeting a Bothan searching for her bounty hunter brother, the group followed a local Toydarian in the hopes of learning more about BANDIN. A fight with some local thugs at a warehouse ensued and victorious, the group is now left to pick up the pieces and decide on their next moveā€¦



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