Star Wars RPG

Edge Of The Empire - Episode 3.3

As The Wheel Turns

After the dust cleared on the fight, the group set to investigating BANDIN’s warehouse, looking for clues to help determine their next step. Dragging the captured thug into the warehouse, they gleaned little information from him before deciding to let him go.

While the interrogation led to a dead end, further exploration of the warehouse uncovered the deactivated R4-W9 tucked away in a corner. GENKO managed to remove the restraining bolt from the astromech, and soon the droid was learning the fate of his friend J9-B8. The R4 unit told the group all that he knew, including the likely location of BANDIN’s hideout, located in a nearby asteroid field.

After wrapping up business in FORMOS, the party, with R4-W9 in tow, headed out to the asteroid, hoping to put an end to BANDIN and collecting the bounty on his head. Their arrival was not without incident however, as both a sentry droid and another small spacecraft attacked the KRAYT FANG shortly after arrival. After handling them fairly easily, the ship now drifts towards the asteroid and a confrontation with the Aqualish smuggler…



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